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Amazon Web services (AWS) are cloud infrastructure which supports PaaS, IaaS and SaaS, We at 24x7hostingspace.com will assist you in hosting your website in AWS infra (cloud) if you believe you need a very high availability server

We undertake following tasks for you for a nominal consultancy charges and we are responsible for management of your website on Amazon AWS,

  1. Ec2 Instance (Elastic compute cloud)
  2. Elastic Beanstack
  3. S3, Amazon simple storage service
  4. RDS, AWS relation database service
  5. Application Load Balancer
  6. Auto Scaling
  7. Amazon Virtual pricate cloud (VPC)
  8. Elastic Block store (EBS)
  9. Aws Lambda
  10. Knowledge check
  11. Route53 (For DNS)

Training on AWS (amazon Web services)

You can get more information on AWS at Amazon AWS